Tempering [verb]

Definition of Tempering:

calm, moderate

Opposite/Antonyms of Tempering:

Sentence/Example of Tempering:

The crooked knives he makes, too, from old files, shaping and tempering them.

The tempering of tools is a very important factor in their efficiency.

The furnace should be connected with pyrometers and tempering tank with a thermometer.

The process of tempering the gun-tubes was also witnessed by the Board.

He looked upon his duty as that of restraining and tempering Elwood's impulsiveness.

There is a proverb which talks about God "tempering the wind to the shorn lamb."

The following mode of tempering them is practised at Neustadt.

The hardening and tempering of the punch is of 117 importance.

It is the same in old processes such as the tempering of a sword.

This is as it were a tempering of the awful wrath of God upon Cain.