Template [noun]

Definition of Template:

design, motif

Synonyms of Template:

Opposite/Antonyms of Template:

Sentence/Example of Template:

The template is then drawn along a second time to smooth the surface finally.

By the use of such a tool the glass can readily be brought up to the template.

The concrete was now placed and carried to the top of the template, which was then removed.

Use this block as a pattern or template to lay off the others.

But he knew that in another place a template would be laid over his work.

This template is generally of hardwood, such as beech or walnut.

Template or TimpletOne of the four facets that surround a cut gem.

A template must be made of one of the two forms shown in Fig. 2315.

For f, f all that is necessary is a template formed as in Fig. 2324.

The template must then be turned over to mark the other side of the teeth.