Temples [noun]

Definition of Temples:

house of worship

Synonyms of Temples:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temples:


Sentence/Example of Temples:

None but Greeks were allowed to enter the temples of this goddess.

He began to rebuild the palace and ordered that the rubbish be removed from the temples.

I can scarcely think our temples hallowed, since the king ceased to be prayed for.

And her sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden fleece.

Temples and altars have been erected, and invocations addressed to her.

Would there be a rush at the Temples, or would there be plenty of time for proper sightseeing?

He was again conscious of that esoteric disturbance in his temples.

The blood begins to boil under my temples before I have time to control it.

Pierre carried his hands to his temples and pressed his head despairingly.

His hair was glued to his temples by the rain, which gleamed on his face.