Temporarily [adjective]

Definition of Temporarily:

for a short time

Synonyms of Temporarily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temporarily:

Sentence/Example of Temporarily:

But be careful; most of the things are only temporarily mounted—just in glycerine.

Oddly enough, the shock of recognition brought him to his senses,—temporarily.

Temporarily dumb with consternation, he returned her stare as silently.

The theatre had been completed in my absence, and, indeed, temporarily opened.

And he reports me either drunk or temporarily insane, does he?

He found the family conditions troubled, but temporarily quiet.

It was supposed that it could return to the body and temporarily reanimate it.

The image was saved, and temporarily placed in charge of the Recoleto friars.

Their power of judgment has often been temporarily destroyed.

"Suicide while temporarily insane" is the verdict of the jury in such cases.