Temporize [verb]

Definition of Temporize:

gain or make time

Synonyms of Temporize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temporize:

Sentence/Example of Temporize:

She was anxious to temporize, for she did not see how to answer her appeal.

They might temporize with their own consciences, but not with public opinion.

It is hard to temporize when confronted with a businesslike silence.

She tried to temporize, but the more she eluded him the more insistent he became.

Thus Blake tried to temporize, so that he might think what was best to do.

In the case that thus was presented there was no opportunity to temporize.

A sense of the shock she might give him moved her to temporize.

From stark necessity, she put her whole reliance on an effort to temporize.

Did they temporize with a henious evil, because it was common and popular?

The Spaniards had taken Courtrai, and it was well to temporize.