Temptress [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Temptress:

Then you are nothing, less than nothing; you are the temptress, the mistress!

In one second he had drawn his sword and stabbed his temptress to the heart.

“If you think how to get by them, Herbert, you can,” urged the temptress.

One would suppose that she is the temptress, and man is the victim.

I believe, further, that every man has his own tempter or temptress.

Maximilian thought of that other empire, which that other temptress exacted of him.

Who set you on as decoy and temptress, and what reward did you receive?

Not only youth must be safeguarded, but also the "female," the untrustworthy one, the temptress.

He was ready to kill the temptress as he would a beautiful viper.

He had told her that she tempted him, and she stood before him now as a temptress.