Tenacious [adjective]

Definition of Tenacious:

strong, unyielding

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenacious:

Sentence/Example of Tenacious:

He knew that here was a bold and tenacious spirit, kin to that of Grant.

My mother's imagination was as vivacious, but not as tenacious as my own.

She seldom showed any anger; but when she did it was tenacious, and slow to be appeased.

Ganymede was of a tenacious mettle, and of this he now afforded proof.

To the man who had done him some service, of tenacious memory.

The Jew's vacillating hope was tenacious, for it was the last.

With such a slug-like, patient, tenacious fool, was that not more likely?

I saw it when I was a child, and my memory is a tenacious one.

Then she tried to draw her wrists out of his tenacious clutch.

Besides, he's a touchy person, and my husband is most tenacious regarding him.