Tenderfoot [noun]

Definition of Tenderfoot:


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Sentence/Example of Tenderfoot:

Well,” he said at last, “I might as well say it––I took you for a tenderfoot.

“Oh, well, allowances should be made for a tenderfoot,” she bantered.

“You need not worry, Mr. Tenderfoot,” the girl flashed back at him.

The tenderfoot staked his claim on the chance of selling it again.

Before a boy can become a tenderfoot he must qualify for same.

A tenderfoot, therefore, is superior to the ordinary boy because of his training.

To be a tenderfoot means to occupy the lowest grade in scouting.

Enlist a boy trained by himself in the requirements of a tenderfoot.

"No need to remind you I'm a tenderfoot," he jibed at himself.

The tenderfoot was seated on a small trunk just outside the door.