Tenders [noun]

Definition of Tenders:

proposal, suggestion

Synonyms of Tenders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenders:

Sentence/Example of Tenders:

Then one after the other the two tenders puffed away, packed from stem to stern.

Both boats were heaved to, and Mr. Whippleton put off in one of the tenders.

There was a light in the cabin of the Florina, and both the tenders were alongside.

Yet the tenders of the sheep and lambs are afraid to feed them in the only way they can be fed.

In coming to us he tenders us an advantage which we should not waive.

We will try it without any tenders, which we don't want in a race.

That of some of our largest engines with tenders is from forty to above fifty tons.

Also it is necessary that you be one of the tenders of that growth.

Tenders of these, in quantities of not less than 12,000, may be sent in to the Interim Secretary.

Here the frigate Helderenberg and three tenders awaited them.