Tending [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tending:

Thus manifestly a negligible factor, it is also one tending to extinction.

One of these fellows, as it chanced, was their own guide, who had come in from tending the mules.

The proceedings began with some animated discussion, all tending one way.

This she had abundantly shown, but now, in her tending of the sick gentleman.

And outside he went, like a king, with all Sierra Vista about him and tending on him.

And the tending of living animals may be either a tending of individuals, or a managing of herds.

The partners had gone home for dinner and Mary-'Gusta was tending shop.

All the night she had been calm and quiet, repressing her feelings, and tending the man she loved.

All things have their climax, and France is tending swiftly to the climax of her serfdom.

Far away, tending his hot irons, he was glad to hear the other had been successful.