Tendon [noun]

Definition of Tendon:

band of tissue

Synonyms of Tendon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tendon:


Sentence/Example of Tendon:

The bullets of the posse had neither torn a tendon nor broken a bone.

"Strained a tendon," he growled, blowing on his numb fingers to warm them.

The function of this tendon is to flex the foot at the fetlock.

Don't believe I've so much as strained the tendon of a finger.

The hind leg must have its tendon of Achilles before it can be finished.

Find out if he has a "tendon of Achilles" or vulnerable spot.

If too tight, the weight soon presses the tendon of the heel.

Still twenty miles from Yakutat, one of the ponies strained a tendon.

Every tendon is trembling with anger, and I can hardly breathe!

In the pig the tendon divides into four tendons destined for the four digits.