Tenets [noun]

Definition of Tenets:

belief, principle

Synonyms of Tenets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenets:

Sentence/Example of Tenets:

Maltravers, despite his own tenets, was delighted with her reply.

These are my tenets, my lovely friend; and which I think cannot well be disputed.

The Sandemanians were super-Calvinists, and their tenets may be summarily defined.

How then, without a word of explanation, could Plato assign to them the refutation of their own tenets?

It was one of the tenets of the committee that where possible the poor should help the poor.

They had no tenets or theories other than those of personal clarification.

The examination of tenets and of facts was reserved for another generation.

They held firmly to the tenets of their religion, but this religion was extremely simple.

Such were the tenets of his quiet pugnacity of faith in human beings.

They insisted upon p. 139distinguishing between the tenets of Jansen and Calvinism.