Tenseness [noun]

Definition of Tenseness:

passion, force

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenseness:

Sentence/Example of Tenseness:

For a moment they were tense with the tenseness of imminent death.

Coleman's voice cut through the air of tenseness like a knife.

And she thought of Mary and of all she had admitted in the tenseness of their conversation.

He could feel the tenseness build up again in the compartment.

He had smoothed his brows out with his hand, indeed, as if their tenseness hurt him.

My kisses, and the tenseness of what lay before us were to blame.

Lingard, relaxing the tenseness of his stare, looked at the young man, thoughtfully.

Instinctively we all spoke in half whispers, the tenseness bearing in on us.

The respite was a welcome one and with it his tenseness relaxed.

All turned, and what they saw in nowise relieved the tenseness of the situation.