Tensions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tensions:

Then all the tensions and inhibitions of civilized society disappear.

Phil decided she felt something like his own tensions, for identical reasons.

Up to the present point we have been dealing with tensions, not with motion.

After that, everything happened to build his tensions to the breaking point.

Tensions persisted for many years, but have lessened since about 1960.

It is obvious that there are a variety of rhythms or tensions of duration.

To prevent puckering when the tensions are correct, reduce the pressure of the foot by loosening the thumbscrew D (Fig. 79).

They can alleviate their tensions safely—without damage of any sort to anyone, and without hurting society.

The tensions of civilized life could be escaped—albeit temporarily—in the dueling machine.

Already before the release of atomic energy the tensions between the old way of living and the new were intense.