Tentacle [noun]

Definition of Tentacle:


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Sentence/Example of Tentacle:

The tentacle disappeared into the mass of the baffled hunter.

Then he baited his two hooks with bits of tentacle and threw them overboard.

First one tentacle, then another, and finally one is pulled under and devoured.

He raised a tentacle to still Crownwall's immediate exclamation of protest.

Where was that spot to which the tentacle of the monster could not reach?

It was an octopus in a fathomless sea extending a tentacle to grasp him.

There was not a twitch of a tentacle as we came to a halt beside it.

Soon as I flipped the lighter on, he shot up a tentacle and took it out of my hand.

At that moment a tentacle was writhing its way around his thick neck.

The robot clicked and chattered, shifting on its tentacle legs.