Tenuous [adjective]

Definition of Tenuous:

weak, thin; rare; slim

Synonyms of Tenuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenuous:

Sentence/Example of Tenuous:

And the tenuous message which passed between them then astounded Shann.

The sky was blue, naked except for a tracing of tenuous clouds.

Again he seemed almost invisible; then gigantic and tenuous.

He was clean-shaven, too, and in the English habit he appeared thin and tenuous.

These particles are for the most part composed of tenuous gases.

Oh, tenuous light of purity which, once quenched, kindles no more!

Some nests are rudely constructed, and rather loose and tenuous.

How such a tenuous gas can shine as it does forms another paradox.

It was too tenuous perhaps for detention or else too obvious.

You are compounded of too tenuous and sublimated stuff for motherhood as yet.