Tepidly [adverb]

Definition of Tepidly:


Synonyms of Tepidly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tepidly:

Sentence/Example of Tepidly:

Bors reviewed his actions and could not but approve of them tepidly.

"I think Mrs. Varick is sorry to see that you have broken your promise," said Kindelon, shortly and tepidly.

The peculiar moving hush and tepidly stagnant air of a sick-room penetrated even through the panels.

It was obvious that he was tepidly in love with Maud, or rather that he was anxious she should be in love with him.

“I hope you managed to get a little sleep, Mr. Melhuish,” Mrs. Jervaise said tepidly.

A grey haze had blotted out the sun and the still air clung about him tepidly.

Despite her affection for her son, Mrs. Kincaid was but tepidly interested in the career that engrossed him.

Lady Isabel, so easy-going and tepidly affectionate towards her children, was adamant where her social creed was concerned.