Termed [verb]

Definition of Termed:

name something

Synonyms of Termed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Termed:


Sentence/Example of Termed:

He was by no means what is termed a sportsman, yet he was somewhat fond of shooting.

Still the barytone, who was almost as fond of conversation as of what he termed "vocal."

As she herself could have assigned no cause for her repugnance, it might be termed instinctive.

He had less of what might be termed self-indulgence in this feeling than Lamb.

Then Ned, from a baseball standpoint of safety, did what might be termed a foolish thing.

These are termed "organs," and the whole together is called "organic."

The submerged portion of a yacht is, as in all other boats, termed the hull.

One day he even reproached Therese with what he termed her coldness for Laurent.

I have mentioned that we have several enclosures that may be termed gardens.

The Ionian, he replied, and the Lydian; they are termed 'relaxed.'