Terminable [adjective]

Definition of Terminable:

subject to limitations

Synonyms of Terminable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Terminable:

Sentence/Example of Terminable:

The marriage relation was terminable at the will of either party.

There is no express statement that punishment hereafter will be terminable.

The prizes were in the form of terminable or perpetual annuities.

So the company then raised a "terminable joint-stock" for a period of years.

It's the farm on the terminable lease, at present held by Hugh Corrigan; he asks for a renewal.

Initial deficit to be supplied by a grant-in-aid, diminishing annually and terminable in a short period, say, seven years.

A case of this sort ought not to be terminable without a reinvestigation and final hearing in court.

This would not apply where cities make a terminable contract with an existing institution.

We retired to a room, and in a few moments agreed upon a truce, terminable after forty-eight hours' notice by either party.

The epoch of life seems to be terminable at the further extreme by a planetary condition in which life is no longer possible.