Terminates [verb]

Definition of Terminates:

stop, finish

Synonyms of Terminates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Terminates:

Sentence/Example of Terminates:

All you will regret is, that she comes to terminate my visit, and take me away with her.

I hope that will not terminate my engagement, sir, or render me useless?'

He had never seen the instrument that was to terminate his life.

He was only enjoying an interview—a vengeance—he was loath to terminate.

I know, and I tell you frankly, but only you, that my career in the police may terminate in consequence.

This view of it did not relieve him of anxiety to know how the matter was going to terminate.

"Easier than terminate it with advantage," said she, bitterly.

In order to terminate the war, Jackson had been obliged to cross the Spanish line.

It is not all of life to terminate our existence on this earth.

The ends of this tube should terminate in a glass mouthpiece, which should not be too delicate.