Termite [noun]

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The different species of Termite are not equally industrious.

No doubt, to his own mind, he had placed them near one of the termite highways.

If you knew what you were talking about, you wouldn't dismiss the termite so casually!

I've never happened to be in termite country, though I've heard tales about them.

This type of termite was armored more poorly than the others.

Behind him, Jim glared desperately at the third termite that was about to attack.

Now and then it stopped and daintily picked at a bit of termite nest.

Nocticola termitophila, Penang (Silvestri, 1946): In termite nest.

The only social insects were small twigfuls of ant and termite colonies, with from five to fifteen members.

Chances were excellent that they would leave him alone amongst his termite mounds.