Terra [noun]

Definition of Terra:

the earth personified

Synonyms of Terra:

Opposite/Antonyms of Terra:


Sentence/Example of Terra:

Imagine how glad he must have been when he found himself on terra firma!

Mars and Terra—Venus, too—they'll never know how close it was for them.

They school in thousands on Terra and eat anything that swims.

The mate was down in the ocean, and the captain was standing on terra firma.

Can these have been of terra cotta of the della Robbia school?

Terra's best brains are on Team One and are going to stay there.

Say the Masters didn't come from Terra, but from some other planet.

The cañon was at that time a terra incognita to these cattlemen of the Panhandle.

The country we now plunged into, as may be guessed, was a terra incognita to me.

In some ways, compared to those of Terra, the industries of Tepokt were underdeveloped.