Terracotta [adjective]

Definition of Terracotta:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Terracotta:

Opposite/Antonyms of Terracotta:


Sentence/Example of Terracotta:

The gargoyles also, which later were always of stone, were originally of terracotta.

On one side of the fountain a semicircular bench of tuff and terracotta.

Originally it had been a villa residence—a red-brick villa, covered with creepers and crowned with terracotta dragons.

He looked at the bow-windows, the cheap picturesque gables, the terracotta dragons clawing a dirty sky.

It seems surprising that such a terracotta sheathing should be applied on a structure of stone.

Another important argument is furnished by the certain use of terracotta plates as acroteria.

It is interesting also to find relief-work in terracotta as well as painting on a plane surface.

The terracotta panels along the entrance front, over the principal floor windows, were designed by Mr. Boehm himself.

I must not omit to mention that the small red shafts in the arcade below the belfry seem to be made of terracotta.

There are long and short ones, high and low ones, all pierced with little windows that are closed with a terracotta shutter.