Terrain [noun]

Definition of Terrain:


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Sentence/Example of Terrain:

There came a new swaying that was not the roughness of the terrain.

Jan, his head just above ground level, surveyed the terrain.

Where the terrain was level enough, hundreds of jack rabbits were seen.

The man with the lantern walked straight to the point of the Terrain.

For a few minutes there was silence, as Seaton studied the terrain beneath them.

Kessler moved the map nearer and the terrain sprang up in detail.

The descriptions of terrain and physical features in the log were accurate enough.

But the terrain is strewn with gullies and hillocks, with boulders and tangled timber.

They also are searching all the terrain for any signs of activity on the part of the Boche.

The terrain is splendidly utilized—these men know how to fight.