Terrestrial [adjective]

Definition of Terrestrial:


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Sentence/Example of Terrestrial:

Do you feel, yet, that you belong to this terrestrial scheme again, Mr. Darnay?

Ambition is surely the most foolish and misjudging of all terrestrial passions.

Galusha was following a terrestrial route in the same direction.

But the terrestrial agent felt that in this scene of luxury there was a menace.

"I demand to see the terrestrial consul," Sime said, getting out.

My peril in this palace is as great as in the room of a terrestrial detective.

I know of no aerolite that has ever been acceptably traced to terrestrial origin.

The corals, for instance, are about one-twentieth the size of terrestrial corals.

Geodromica: terrestrial Heteroptera in which the antennae are not concealed.

In stature and mental power he was a Jovian, in all else he was a Terrestrial.