Terrify [verb]

Definition of Terrify:


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Sentence/Example of Terrify:

He speaks very loud, as if willing to terrify all Israel with his voice.

From time to time we will terrify these Germans with a little blast of wireless.

I did not mean to terrify you—but beware of what I told you.

You did your very best to terrify her, but you never succeeded.

Come, Mr. M'Kinlay, say this is only a threat; do confess it was only meant to terrify.

By this time, however, I had combated my own fears, and I was not going to permit his to terrify me.

Come, come, I know you well, Doctor; you shall not terrify me.'

Say not a word of what has happened lest it should terrify the ladies!

"Your bullying does not terrify me in the least, Jasper Wilde," she said, calmly.

He did not punish capriciously, nor terrify them by anything worse than his strictness.