Terrorists [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Terrorists:

For all answer the Terrorist levelled his pistol at his head and fired.

Surely it must be one of the Terrorist fleet, for there were no others in existence.

It was there agreed in principle to confirm the decision of the Terrorist Narodovoltsi.

Terrorist acts could bring nothing but a bloody suppression.

A vigorous counter-attack was carried out by the Terrorist Victor Hugues with ability and ferocity.

He died from the bullet of a Terrorist who happened to be of unadulterated Russian extraction.

Adelbert glanced up quickly, but the Terrorist had seen his error, and masked it with a grin.

The Terrorist had a vague fear that the Citizen-Deputy would speak to the mob.

Again the officer bowed, wondering how on earth the Terrorist could have come by such accurate information.

"On the authority given me by the power to enforce an answer, sir," returned the Terrorist quietly.