Tested [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tested:

Tested on the piano, the pitch was F-sharp and the time was my heart beat.

Tested by this, no one of our States except Texas ever was a sovereignty.

Tested in this way, the tax on letters proved unsatisfactory.

Tested by this, no one of our States, except Texas, ever was a sovereignty.

Tested by experiment, our reasoning is verified to the letter (fig. 29).

Tested by this conception the American woman is an ideal democrat.

Tested twice in Washington, it has at neither time rated with the best in so far as cracking quality is concerned.

Tested in the altered moderator, it gives an intense white light, without smoke or smell.

Tested by any universal standard, "The Scarlet Letter" is a notable romance.

Tested by that standard of happiness, it is a low-spirited, mirthless, and all but silent population that we have here now.