Testified [verb]

Definition of Testified:

vouch for; give testimony

Synonyms of Testified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Testified:

Sentence/Example of Testified:

I am delighted to testify to these things, because I had formerly been a scoffer.

Your transgression will be forgiven you since you have confessed and testify your horror for it.

I am hardly myself yet, however, as this handwriting will testify.

They testify all too surely that judgment needs no miracle here.

I know we passed somethin' then, though just what I ain't competent to testify.

Master Pitt will testify—he that is himself a traitor self-confessed.

My woman Catherine, whom I have with me, can testify to part.

"No one will have the chance to testify if I plead guilty," said Dic.

These customs that arose in the reign of Cyrus continue to our time, as we can testify.

Brown lived to be seen by me, and I can testify that he had played his part to the last.