Testimonies [noun]

Definition of Testimonies:

declaration about truth; proof

Opposite/Antonyms of Testimonies:

Sentence/Example of Testimonies:

I cannot admit that he should kill his victims by his testimonies no more than by his poignards.

But you said that there were other testimonies of equal weight.

The testimonies of the above gentlemen are now in my possession.

Here's a list of testimonies to some of the most remarkable cases.

There were "two" testimonies; "one" is said not to have been presented; and then, that neither was presented.

I have added a few "testimonies" to Earle from Anthony Wood and others.

Well, first of all I must make “His testimonies my meditations.”

Many other testimonies of similar import might be cited, but these will suffice.

There is plenty of other testimonies in the magazine, but these quoted samples will answer.

These assertions of Moore have been corroborated by many other testimonies.