Tests [noun]

Definition of Tests:

examination, quiz

Opposite/Antonyms of Tests:

Sentence/Example of Tests:

A man only is so who understands, who distinguishes, who tests it.

Yet, in the application of them, as tests of good or bad water painting, 16.

These tests demonstrated the practicability of artificial flight.

True knowledge is a whole, and is at rest; consistency and universality are the tests of truth.

Where are the tests by which to distinguish the true votes from the false?

These tests may be safely applied to the work of Mr. Dakyns.

Equally true is it that he tests the mettle of those with him day by day.

The tests should be made near the end of the charge, with the cell voltages at about 2.7.

My wife and I agreed to all tests they put to us, and all was quite satisfactory.

Neither spoke, so that from their voices, that best of all tests, nothing could be learned.