Thankfulness [noun]

Definition of Thankfulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Thankfulness:

Sentence/Example of Thankfulness:

You ask me how I would have you show your thankfulness for what I have accomplished for you.

But it seems to me that the occasion is one for thankfulness as well as grief.

But even their thankfulness of heart could not make them merry.

A half-uttered sound of thankfulness escaped him, and he sped on.

I almost fainted when first I realized it in the extremity of my joy and thankfulness.

Subdue the flesh without despising it, in humility and thankfulness.

Now she knew, and a flood of thankfulness welled up in her heart.

Hal and Reg left the room: the old man's thankfulness was too sacred to be overlooked.

If he gave heed at all to the summer beauty, it was merely in thankfulness that all was well.

That is one way of showing our thankfulness for our comfortable homes.