That [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of That:

"Buy something for your wife that-is-to-be," he said to his grand-nephew, as he handed him the folded paper.

And whilst I was stretched out that-a-way, Mace come clost and give me her hand.

"T-that's why," stuttered Cordelia, smiling through tear-wet eyes.

"You oughtn't to slip up an' s-startle a lady that-a-way," she said with grave rebuke, and Hale looked humbled.

For marriage is like life in this-that it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses.

I was kind of jealous of them nights, I guess, or I wouldn't of run 'em down that-a-way behind their backs.

But I would rather be looney that-a-way than to have as much sense as King Solomon and all his adverbs.

No poorest man on earth would change places with this man-that-might-have-been, for his time draws nigh and his end is perdition.

Half setting up that-away he made a feel at his belt with his good hand, as I come near.

Ah, there is that evil demon of his life!that cold, stoical pride, which haunts him like a fate.