Thaw [verb]

Definition of Thaw:

unfreeze, warm

Synonyms of Thaw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thaw:

Sentence/Example of Thaw:

He knew that his case was hopeless, and he would not thaw even to the priest.

In sheltered spots the glass rose as high as 31, and symptoms of a thaw appeared.

But with March came a thaw, with mild weather and fogs and rain.

"That thaw was a weather-breeder, sure enough," observed Captain Jerry.

The thaw had turned to a light rain and the Captain carried an umbrella.

It was as if something frozen in her heart were beginning to thaw.

He knew his face was frozen, but he had no desire to stop to thaw it out.

Not even Freja can thaw away all the ice that has gathered in his veins.

With his second glass of fizz Sir Peter began to thaw a little.

What particular merit have I that I should have been the one hit upon by you to thaw?