Theatre [noun]

Definition of Theatre:

business of plays

Synonyms of Theatre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Theatre:


Sentence/Example of Theatre:

I don't like deceiving my mother; but I should not like to pain her by saying I have been to the theatre.

You have never been to the theatre, you say, and yet you disapprove of it.

None the less, the theatre was half empty when Theodora was given.

He left the theatre in an exalted mood in which he had little thought for the realities.

But he had asked her to go to the theatre, and he did not wish to disappoint her.

He sat back in his chair while she went to prepare for the theatre.

The members of the orchestra came into the theatre, and after a while the music began.

He walked about the town until, after a while, he found himself at the Theatre Royal.

He was just in time to swallow a hurried meal and set off to the theatre with the Creams.

He had been caught up and transported from the theatre to the very streets of Verona.