Theatricality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Theatricality:

It was a mere piece of theatricality, such as it was not in Scaramouche's nature to forgo.

The theatricality in that thought was repulsive to his sober sense.

Genius lies in the instincts; goodness too; all consciousness is theatricality.

It is the note of theatricality, of extravagance, of excess.

There should be moderation even in the shrinking from theatricality.

And neither had any of that theatricality which demands gestures and facial expression.

Tom realized the theatricality of his position on the piano, but he also realized its advantage, and did not get down.

His first two sermons had impassioned the congregations, though there were critics to accuse him of theatricality.

He knew that he had to live that kiss down, and to live down also the charge of theatricality.

And because of this theatricality in Gaston's attitude, she lost something of the fullness of joy of this supreme moment.