Theism [noun]

Definition of Theism:

religious theory or belief

Synonyms of Theism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Theism:

Sentence/Example of Theism:

It is theism, in its purest as in its impurest shape, that the writer condemns.

It simply has no more to do with Theism than the first book of Euclid has.

Theism is the easiest of all religions to get, but the most difficult to keep.

Honestly to be of service to theism the God established must be a person.

In all discussions of theism there is one point that is usually overlooked.

In work after work dealing with theism one looks in vain for some definition of "God."

In his championship of theism our scientist forgets his science.

A form of a very doubtful Pantheism might be reached in this way, but not theism.

Between Atheism and Theism there is no logical halting place.

In practice, as well as in theory, theism has had to come to terms with facts.