Theistic [adjective]

Definition of Theistic:

concerning belief in divinity

Opposite/Antonyms of Theistic:

Sentence/Example of Theistic:

In the development of the Theistic argument in a logical form.

It gave a new direction and inspiration to his theistic conceptions.

They resolve themselves into two groups, a theistic and an atheistic.

This, then, is the main characteristic of the theistic intuition.

For this strange creature was the Adam of theistic Evolution.

It is here we meet the "theistic" account of the origin of man.

In Bruno it is a pantheistic, in the Cusan a theistic, doctrine.

On the 18th he wrote and signed his Will, in which he reaffirms his theistic faith.

It cannot be solved on Theistic grounds, and accordingly it has to be explained away.

If conscience, then, be fallible, how is it a Theistic proof?