Them [noun]

Definition of Them:

ruling class; bureaucracy

Synonyms of Them:

Opposite/Antonyms of Them:

Sentence/Example of Them:

The English kings had turned to the only people who could have helped them-the Normans settled in Ireland; and they failed them.

No sooner did he say the word than he and the Weasel found them-selves standing before the open door of a nice little house.

Shall the dead take thought for the dead to love them?What love was ever as deep as a grave?

After this the Kafirs gave Savage a second very long name which meant "He-who-sits-down-on-snakes-and-makes-them-flat."

The only additional suggestion is the new and original test, the so-called "em-them" test.

After these sinners have died, and been sent to hell, will the Christians in heaven then pity them?Answer.

Wonderfully in life do effects manifest them-selves, of which we have no trace.

We said that the 'let-them-alone' system, concerning the nation's 'freedmen,' is not the system of sound statesmanship.

I dont care whether these accidents are accidents or whether somebody is arranging them-theyve got to quit, and quit sudden.

Except for playing children and quarreling dogs, ours was a very quiet camp those days there on It-Crushed-Them.