Thematic [adjective]

Definition of Thematic:

having a theme

Synonyms of Thematic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thematic:


Sentence/Example of Thematic:

"I read your thematic on Venusian viruses," he said abruptly.

The thematic work is scholarly and enthusiastic at the same time.

The second is a thematic development of the motive of Siegfried, the youth.

One more illustration of the way in which the thematic system is worked.

Neither did he feel the want of the mode of thematic development which we find at its ripest in Beethoven.

Jovial in high degree, the Scherzo begins with the thematic complexity of modern fashion.

Moreover the only thematic elements in the design are the various "motives" of the hero.

Even the composer himself, in compiling his thematic catalogue, made mistakes.

But there is also the thematic story, written to vivify an abstract proposition or to point a moral.

But his power of thematic invention, his gift for melody, was not equal to his genius for instrumentation.