Themes [noun]

Definition of Themes:

idea, subject matter

Synonyms of Themes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Themes:


Sentence/Example of Themes:

Earlier writers on these themes were timid; the moderns are bored.

The themes are drawn from the revolution, its hopes and its disappointments.

Beardsley really didn't mind; they just couldn't know how subtly he worked into his themes!

He 'll talk of him too; he 'll be led on to let him mingle with our daily themes.

He threw these aside, however, as themes that had no interest for him.

A laughing sky and tears of joy are the themes of the letter.

In his conception of his themes he was perhaps the most genuinely American painter of his time.

We are not bound to talk with persons or on themes that have no interest for us.

Some of these themes, such as the fortunes of Leo, were most suggestive.

In dealing with themes of the past there is more opportunity.