Then [adverb]

Definition of Then:

before; at another time

Synonyms of Then:

Opposite/Antonyms of Then:

Sentence/Example of Then:

England alone-then a comparatively weak and insignificant country-stood out against this overwhelming combination.

Do we not see that it is highly requisite that a sweet girl should be now-and-then drawn aside by him?

Have you now related all the conversation you had at that time with then-Vice President Johnson?

And what conversations, if any, did you have with then-Vice President Johnson?

Wouldst find the fair lady Fate chooses for you?Then search ye this line of wee pin-pricks clear through.

Haste!Then get ye gone quickly.Hence to your work.Home to your gorges!

Ah!then where is your clueproduce your cluewhat is your clue?

Foreign children, who come to America before the age of ten, speak both then-native tongue and English with equal fluency.

A sweet and grateful flush then overspread her fair face; a gentle sigh now-and-then heaved her handkerchief.

Now-and-then she changed her censuring looks to looks of pity of me—but (as she said) she loved not to aggravate!