Thenceforth [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Thenceforth:

To the major it was thenceforth chamber and chapel and monument.

Thenceforth, all these royal souvenirs had passed into oblivion.

She had taken him for granted, and thenceforth judged him by the intention and not the act.

Thenceforth, having learned, it was her first thought on feeling pain.

Our peaceful convent was from thenceforth like a bee-hive into which a hornet had entered.

Thenceforth this idea haunted them, and their suspense began once more.

From thenceforth she lived solely for deeds of charity on a colossal scale.

There I got another momentary glimpse of him and thenceforth saw him no more.

This famous engagement was thenceforth known as the Battle of Playa Honda.

Thenceforth Harlow determined to set up as a painter on his own account.