Theocracies [noun]

Definition of Theocracies:

government in which a deity is the supreme civil ruler

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Sentence/Example of Theocracies:

The Massachusetts colonial government has been called a theocracy.

They are the hieroglyphics of feudalism, succeeding those of theocracy.

So Garotte became a sort of theocracy, with Judge Rablay as ruler.

In the Theocracy, the Hebrew nation were the hereditary nobles.

They had visions of a theocracy, and were impatient of an earthly king.

The religion of Rome is, in every respect, the inversion of theocracy.

But theocracy with these nations was not synonymous with the domination of priests.

Society will again become a theocracy, else pay the penalty in anarchy.

In a certain sense, a theocracy must be the aim of every rational being.

Then you want to saddle a theocracy on the back of the nineteenth century?