Theological [adjective]

Definition of Theological:

religious, concerning a god-centered philosophy

Synonyms of Theological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Theological:

Sentence/Example of Theological:

He dealt with the question on theological, legal and social grounds.

He had no theological degree, but the whole University, doctors and all, went to hear him.

It is based on theological juggling and traditional sophisms.

These three stages are the Theological, the Metaphysical, and the Positive.

God create them; they are not the product of theological colleges.

What is she doing in the field of literature, theological in particular?

The one issue in which he is most passionately interested is theological.

Only look at the theological quiddities of effete scholasticism.

Soon Erasmus found himself a member of the theological faculty.

It was there that most of his theological treatises were elaborated and published.