Theorems [noun]

Definition of Theorems:

explanation based on hypothesis and experiments

Synonyms of Theorems:

Opposite/Antonyms of Theorems:

Sentence/Example of Theorems:

Plutarch mentions a doubt whether it was this problem or the theorem of Eucl.

Why, Euclid would have theorem'd it out for you at a glance at the trio.

The period passed like a moment, as theorem after theorem was disposed of.

This theorem is called generally the principle of Archimedes.

Now, to proceed in this way with what may be called Mr. Hume's theorem.

A man's life as it flows is not a theorem to which there is any one rigid solution.

Another part of the statement of the theorem may now be formulated.

In the second edition of the Natural Philosophy the theorem is attributed to Stokes.

It is not a single hypothesis or theorem, and it dwells on no new facts.

The theorem of Pascal remains still the theorem of Pascal, and will always remain so.