Theoretically [adverb]

Definition of Theoretically:

in theory

Synonyms of Theoretically:

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Sentence/Example of Theoretically:

That is, theoretically we may ascribe them to God, but practically we dissociate Him from them.

Being a woman, she should, theoretically, have disliked and despised him for this.

One-man power is (theoretically) greatly feared, in America.

And as a philosopher he was right; theoretically it would be possible.

Theoretically, we do what we please so long as we do not interfere with the traffic and all it implies.

Theoretically, there is no limit to the lift of a dirigible.

Theoretically they do this for love alone, or to "earn merit."

Theoretically it is still little open to real understanding.

Its every movement is theoretically open to the scrutiny of reason.

But we can see, theoretically, that there is a way of evading this law.