Theorists [noun]

Definition of Theorists:

deep thinker

Synonyms of Theorists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Theorists:


Sentence/Example of Theorists:

If you meet him, you will find him a dreamer and a theorist.

He is no theorist; he is no reformer; I have looked over his life.

Thus we have the farmer's need met by the theorist's discoveries.

In the practical conduct of life he was no theorist, no amateur.

"The condition of prophecy is to be scorned," the theorist said dryly.

He desires to show that he too is no theorist, that he also can be hard-headed and practical.

The theorist smiled in a way that was exceedingly irritating.

Theory is a possession of the theorist, intellect of the intellectualist.

So much of the spirit—or the pride—of the theorist survived in her.

It is only the theorist who undervalues the senses, and he only in his closet.