Therapies [noun]

Definition of Therapies:

healing treatment

Synonyms of Therapies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Therapies:

Sentence/Example of Therapies:

Holistic therapies, like meditation, are "fringe" therapies.

To varying degrees, all the therapies we will discuss in this book claim to assist you in achieving the following goals.

However, the recent proliferation of therapies has brought with it increased sensitivity, sophistication, and effectiveness.

Therapy C is common to both recommended groups of therapies, but you are interested in comparing the other therapies with C.

All of the therapies we will examine in this chapter place priority on the client's subjective feelings and experiences.

These three therapies do, however, vary a good deal in the techniques they use to encourage clients to experience strong emotions.

Therapies C and J are suggested there as potentially appropriate for you.

The goal of all therapies is to help the patient free himself from whatever emotional problems beset him.