Thereafter [adverb]

Definition of Thereafter:

from that time forward

Synonyms of Thereafter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thereafter:


Sentence/Example of Thereafter:

When he "played" with Baby Akemit thereafter, the pretence was not all with the child.

Thereafter we must hide during the days, and steal down the river at night.

Ten minutes thereafter, the two were knocking at the parson's door.

The king was gracious, and thereafter she held his feet at all the banquets.

And every day thereafter found him out and ranging a wider area.

Thereafter, I may say, that he called me impartially either "Colonel" or "Bill."

Thereafter the laws enforcing the acceptance of assignats were strengthened.

For years thereafter Israel's life in London was a stern one.

This was Israel, and for many a year thereafter he was all the world to the lonely woman.

For three weeks thereafter she talked of nobody else, and even began to comb her hair.